5th Annual 72-Hour Filmmaker’s Scramble Kickoff with BendFilm

Kick off the 72-Hour Filmmaker Scramble with a quick workshop from BendFilm Director and filmmaker Todd Looby on creating short films on a tight schedule with no budget …read more

Scalehouse Voices, featuring John Houck

John Houck, photographer, painter, filmmaker, architect, software engineer & accidental comedian, will be our featured Scalehouse Voices artist in November 2019 …read more

Scalehouse Voices, featuring Carolina Pfister

Carolina Pfister, writer, musician, filmmaker, audio storyteller, non-profit director & dot connector, joined us in May 2019 for an inspiring evening reflecting on her experiences of finding home and making art—experiences that connect us all …read more

Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf Origin Story

BendFilm + Scalehouse celebrate Bend Women’s March with an “In Case You Missed It” screening of MEOW WOLF: ORIGIN STORY. Following the screening will be a panel discussion with local women advancing arts and culture through different arts’ centers …read more

 Alisa Yang

BendFilm + Caldera + Scalehouse celebrate Bend Women’s March with Alisa Yang, interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker. Yang will screen three films, including Sleeping with the Devil, Please Come Again, and Stop Speaking. Her work explores intergenerational trauma, sexualities, and displacement of diaspora identity through Asia’s love hotels …read more

Scalehouse Bend Oregon

Scalehouse Voices, featuring Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon, artist, illustrator, hand letterer, world traveler, author, teacher & social media slayer, joined us in February of 2019 to take us through her journey into a creative life and the power that art has to change all of us for the better …read more

Scalehouse Voices, featuring Pat Clark & Jim O’Connor

Pat Clark, local artist, designer, and teacher, and Jim O’Connor, USGS geologist, joined us in November 2018 for Disparate Voices, a joint inquiry into water …read more

Bend Design 2018

Three days of talks, interactive workshops, hands-on exhibits, and collaboration-sparking conversations for everyone who’s curious about how design thinking can transcend job titles and help shape our shared future …read more

Scalehouse Voices, featuring Rick Silva

Rick Silva discussed his most recent work which featured a journey through southern Nevada and Utah using drones to document public lands and sacred sites that are being slashed and sold off by the current administration …read more

Love Is the Answer: Screening / 72-Hour Filmmaker Scramble with BendFilm

After a quick workshop on how to make a film with no budget and no time (just three days!), nineteen Central Oregon-based teams created original films on the theme “Love Is the Answer.” …read more

Bend’s first Creative Laureate

The City of Bend, Arts and Culture Alliance and Scalehouse are seeking candidates to serve as our next Creative Laureate and the official ambassador for the broader creative community in Bend, Oregon …read more

2018 Kick-off / 72-Hour Filmmaker Scramble with BendFilm

Kick-off the 72-Hour Filmmaker Scramble with a quick workshop from BendFilm’s Director and filmmaker Todd Looby on how to create a short film with no budget on a tight schedule …read more

Scalehouse Voices, featuring Shawn Small & Daniel Steinle of Ruckus Composites

Daniel Steinle and Shawn Small of Ruckus Composites join us for a discussion on their shop, which aims to keep carbon fiber out of landfills and make broken bikes better using science, engineering, design—and a 3-D printer …read more

Scalehouse Voices, featuring Ka’ila Farrell-Smith

Ka’ila Farrell-Smith, contemporary visual artist, joins us to explore the ways water shapes, connects, and inspires us, in advance of her exhibit Water in the West, opening at the High Desert Museum in 2019 …read more

Bend Women’s MARCH

Scalehouse and Bend Design present the voices of women who are creating social, civic, and/or business change. Promoted by Visit Bend, Bend Women’s March is a month-long celebration of all the ways women are shaping our communities through arts and culture, business, and outdoor adventure …read more

Creative Activism: Past, Present & Future, with Daniela Molnar

This workshop features an inspiring, multi-disciplinary, global tour through historical approaches that artists and designers have used to confront social/political/cultural/ecological crises. Facilitated by Daniela Molnar …read more

Bend Design 2017

Bend Design 2017 is a celebration of design culture in the modern world. Led by artful and innovative thinkers both local and national, Bend Design seeks to explore the processes and practices that enable design thinking to alter our approach to the challenges and opportunities in our lives, embracing creativity in anything and everything …read more

The Other Side: Screening / 72-Hour Filmmaker Scramble

Eleven Central Oregon-based teams received a no-budget filmmaking workshop and then created a film in just three days based on the theme “The Other Side.” Join this Mini Film Festival to view the films created  …read more

The Other Side: Kick-off / 72-Hour Filmmaker Scramble

Kick-off the 72-Hour Filmmaker Scramble with a quick workshop from BendFilm’s Executive Director and filmmaker Todd Looby on how to create a short film with no budget on a tight schedule …read more

Bend Design Kick-Off, with Sam Stubblefield

ScaleHouse welcomes 2015 Bend Design Conference Speaker and Seattle-based experiential artist, Sam Stubblefield, for a presentation and discussion about his current exhibition at the 2017 Venice Biennale. Plus, get a sneak peek at 2017 Bend Design Conference speakers and more …read more

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry / A film by Alison Klayman

Scalehouse presents a screening of Alison Klayman’s documentary of the life and work of Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei …read more

Innovative Sculpture, with Lisa Sipe

Forget the brush and the pencil, this workshop is for individuals who want to explore the world in 3D! Armed with curiosity and the desire for exploration students will discover innovative encaustic sculpture using everyday objects and recycled materials …read more

Bend Design 2016

Two days of talks, interactive workshops, hands-on exhibits, and collaboration-sparking conversations for attendees from a diverse range of practices and professions …read more

Flash Writing, with Trevor Dodge

Participants will work on creating and developing characters, sculpting settings (or invigorating existing ones), and crafting credible dialogue …read more

Let Go: Screening / 72-Hour Filmmaker Scramble

Join us for a starlit screening of eight short films created by local filmmakers in under 72 hours, all with the theme “Let Go.” …read more

Lessons in Livability: Screenings

Join Scalehouse, BendFilm, and the Bend Livability Project for the highly acclaimed film, The Human Scale. How do the spaces that surround us enhance or disturb our interactions with others? How can we make our streets more accessible by foot or bike? …read more

High Fiber Arts Symposium

With artists working on the cutting edge of traditional craft, we consider the ways in which the handmade has been influenced by technology and explore how the expressive needs of the artist have caused it to transcend its humble origins …read more

Wonder: Screening / 72-Hour Filmmaker Scramble

Join us for the screening of 10 short (under three minutes) films created by local filmmakers in under 72 hours, all with the theme “Wonder.” All films have been juried and the Best Film will be announced at this outdoor Mini Film Festival on The Workhouse Patio …read more

Floatables + Flyables, with George Peters & Melanie Walker

Please join us for an Artist Talk with George Peters and Melanie Walker during the Float + Fly Art Festival, showcasing the creations of Floatables + Flyables workshop participants. Workshop participants print patterns and designs on paper and use their prints to create a series of toy-like kinetic sailboats, water sculptures, and kites …read more

Experiments in Combined Print Media, with Matthew Letzelter

A two-day workshop for advanced students and professional artists, focusing on strategies for creating work that combines traditional and non-traditional print-based media. The workshop introduces the use of multiple print layers, collage, and various techniques to develop and create unique images to use in multiple formats …read more

Visual Storytelling, with Daniela Molnar

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbolism in our visual culture. This workshop gives participants the tools to recognize and understand the layers of meaning behind what you see on the surface, look at the implications of semiotics for visual culture, and how they create a foundation for visual storytelling, giving images the power of a story …read more

Animated GIFs Made Easy, with John Whitten

GIFs are one of the oldest image formats used on the web, and now, decades after the first GIF was created, they are experiencing an explosion of interest and innovation that is pushing them into the terrain of art. This workshop introduces GIF animation as an artistic medium where students use digital photography and editing and animation functions in Photoshop to create one-of-a-kind animated GIFs as diverse and unique as their own imagination …read more

Near & Far, with Stephanie Gervais & Special Guests

An interactive conversation with Stephanie Gervais. Artist Gervais uses sculpture and the body in performance and photography in order to explore adornment, disguise, and identity transformation …read more

Escher’s Impact, with Matthew Letzelter

Participants are treated to a knowledgeable account of Escher’s background, details of his artistic journey, and an overview of printmaking from Master Printmaker Matthew Letzelter of Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) …read more