Scalehouse is the shared vision of a growing community of creative thinkers—from our Founding Members to our Current Members, and from an all-volunteer Board of Directors to a very small staff of one. Thank you.


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Our artists and speakers

Troy Allen Coleman
Troy Allen Gua
Allison Arieff
Katherine Austin
Yong Bakos
Jessica Bellamy
Bijan Berahimi
Joshua Berger
John Bielenberg
Kate Bingaman

April Greiman
Eric Heiman
John Houck
The Island Earth
Liz Jackson
Sarah Kavage
Kelly Kearsley
James Keller
Alison Klayman
Keira Kotler

Brian Potwin
Daniel R. Smith
Dana Reason
Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater
Chris Riley
Victor Saad
Tré Seals
Judith Selby-Lang
Ashley Shaffer
Rick Silva

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Our Board

René Mitchell
Board of Directors 2011–present

Profession: Director of Marketing / Arts & Creative Advocate a.k.a.: Dot Connector Favorite artists: Willem de Kooning , Ai Weiwei, Cindy Sherman How I overcome creative block: Traveling with my daughters Where you can see my work: Why I support Scalehouse: Art is fundamental to our humanity. Scalehouse has the opportunity to unite our community in pursuit of creative solutions to real-world challenges.


Sandra Anderson
Secretary Board of Directors 2011–present

Profession: Artist / Teacher Where I’m from: Kansas, New Jersey, Seattle, San Francisco, Hawaii Favorite artists: Stephen de Staebler, Toulouse Lautrec, Reiko Brandon In my sketchbook: Shapes and vessels for jewelry and clay. How I overcome creative block: Go to my studio, clean tools, clear space, and suddenly I’m working on a new idea. Where you can see my work: Why I support Scalehouse: With innovation and conversation, Scalehouse is engaging the community and expanding horizons.


Kiel Fletcher
Board of Directors 2016–present

Profession: Teacher / Designer / Artist / Entrepreneur a.k.a. Creative Swiss Army Knife How I overcome creative block: Get on my bike. Favorite tool of the trade: Instagram Favorite Instagram accounts: @jerryoftheday, @madebackthen, @Counterprintbooks Where you can see my work:, Why I support Scalehouse: A strong arts community requires a constant influx of the contemporary to engage a greater level of conversation.


Jenna Goldsmith
Board of Directors 2019–present

Profession: Poet; Instructor of Writing, Oregon State University Cascades, Interim Program Lead for the Low-residency MFA Program in Creative Writing  Secret weapon: A pencil. Favorite tools of the trade: A pencil! Where you can see my work: ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, New Delta Review, Utterance, What Rough Beast Why I support Scalehouse: The arts are the lifeforce of a community.


Erin Tyler

Profession: Student On my creative bucket list: Write and illustrate a children’s book Secret weapon: Not sure I’ve got one … Favorite tools of the trade: Pen and paper – to make lists! Where you can see my work: @etcreative_ on Instagram Why I support Scalehouse: Art matters, stories matter, people matter- and it’s so important we continue to value and support each other

Martha Murray
Board of Directors 2015–present

Profession: Interior Designer How I overcome creative block: Take a walk, visit a museum or gallery, have coffee with a smart, creative friend On my creative bucket list: Gehry Museum in Bilbao, Spain Favorite tool of the trade: Tape measure Where you can see my work: Why I support Scalehouse: I love creativity and creative people—what better way to bring my passion to others and hang out with amazing, talented people.


Scott Gilbride
Treasurer Board of Directors 2016–present

Profession: Residential Architect Favorite artists: Tom Waits, Alberto Giacometti, David Byrne How I overcome creative block: Come back tomorrow What inspires me: Underdogs, rejection, impossible situations In my sketchbook: My first novel Favorite tool of the trade: Ears Where you can see my work: Why I support Scalehouse: I enjoy the challenge of helping define a young organization, and the rewards of connecting with the creative community.


Robert Johans
Board of Directors 2019–present

Profession: Designer / Maker / Entrepreneur On my creative bucket list: Help grow Scalehouse. Secret weapon: Manipulating the box. Favorite tools of the trade: Apple iMac / Bosch PS11-102 Hex iDriver Where you can see my work: (Nest) Why I support Scalehouse: To place Bend on the map of creativity and culture.


Lana Bannow
Project Coordinator

Profession: Graphic Designer How I overcome creative block: Get outside, spend time with good humans, chat it out with my cat, Charlie. Secret weapon: Laughter. Favorite tools of the trade: Pencil and notebook.
Where you can see my work: Why I support Scalehouse: Art + creative thinking solves problems, pushes boundaries, and expands comfort zones. Scalehouse encourages just that.

Past Board Members

Cristy Lanfri
Founding Board Member
Board of Directors 2011-2017

Profession: Advocate for children and the arts Favorite artists: Mark Knopfler, Johannes Vermeer, Wendell Berry How I overcome creative block: “WIP!” (Work In Progress) Favorite Print Publications: Vanity Fair, Traditional Home, The Week Why I support Scalehouse: To help creativity in all forms to flourish here in Central Oregon, thereby enriching our cultural character as a community in unique and profound ways.


Cassondra Spring
Founding  Board Member
Board of Directors 2011–2018

Profession: Producer / Creative Strategist a.k.a.: Help make interesting things happen Favorite tool of the trade: Clipboard Favorite Instagram accounts:  @designmilk, @ericgarcetti, @jr. Favorite artists: Yayoi Kusama, Lin Manuel Miranda, Jenny Holzer Where you can see my work: Why I support Scalehouse: I’m a big believer in bringing people together based on shared interests, cultural curiosity, and creative pursuits.


Angela Reid
Board of Directors 2017–2018

Profession: Writer / Creative Director / Brand Strategist Expertise: Translating business-speak into human-speak On my creative bucket list: Santa Fe Opera Secret weapon: Humor Favorite films: Grand Budapest Hotel, Dancer in the Dark, Life is Beautiful Where you can see my work: Why I support Scalehouse: “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” –César A. Cruz

Pat Clark
Founding Board Member, Lifetime Trustee
Board of Directors 2011–2016

Profession: Artist / Educator / Founder of Atelier 6000 (now Bend Art Center) Favorite artists: Richard Diebenkorn, Robert Rauschenberg, Joan Mitchell, Georgia O’Keeffe In my sketchbook: A resounding dialogue of marks (drawing is my passion) Favorite tool of the trade: Pencil Where you can see my work: Bend Art Center, High Desert Art League Why I support Scalehouse: It is needed to support the expanding reasoning of arts and culture in our region.


Tracy Tindle
Board of Directors 2017–2019

Profession: Retired, but formerly in the architectural and design world Where I’m from: Salt Lake City, Utah and no, I’m not a Mormon Three favorite architects: Frank Lloyd Wright, Eichler (Anshen and Allen were the architects on those houses), Frank Gehry Favorite Films: Harold and Maude, The Hunger, Frost Nixon Favorite tools of the trade: Building relationships and collaboration Why I support Scalehouse: I love helping people think outside the box to discover their own path of what the larger issue of design means to them.


We are sustained by Scalehouse Members—the artists, creative professionals, and supporters who make a difference in our world and our evolving city.

Greg Amanti
Sandy Anderson
Lana Bannow
Kevin Barclay

Tom Carson
Clifford Curry
Katherine Decker
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Founding Members

Scalehouse is deeply grateful for the enthusiasm, trust, and financial contributions of our founding members. Please join us in thanking these creative pioneers for bringing innovative and creative programming to the Bend community.

Alex Anderson
Sandy Anderson
Pamela Armstrong
Lana Bannow
Kevin Barclay
Lisa Bermudez
William Bowerman
Elizabeth Burger
Patti Calenda
Karen Cammack
Molly Carroll
A Carson
Heather Cashman
John Cashman
Krayna Castelbaum
Yoonmee Chang
Pat Clark
Raleigh Collard
Bill Cravis
Clifford Curry
Casey Davis
Katherine Decker
Kathy Deggendorfer
Monica Desmond
Lori Elkins
Nancy Floyd
Noelle Fredland
Scott Gilbride
Charlotte Gilbride

Jenny Green
Juli Hamden
Margaret Heater
Mike Hollern
Sue Hollern
Bill Hoppe
Pamela Hulse Andrews
Neal Huston
Becky Johnson
Ted Johnson
Cameron Kaseberg
Marion Kello
Cristy Lanfri
Todd Looby
Susan Lucky-Higdon
Ingrid Lustig
Charmaine Manley
Sarah Mason
Jade Mayer
Bridget McGinn
Kara McGinn
Lloyd McMullen
Adeline Mitchell
René Mitchell
Ruby Mitchell
Romy Mortensen
Sara Murphy

Martha Murray
Stacey Nyman
Cheryl Parton
Kimberly Paxton-Hagner
Elizabeth Quinn
Randy Redfield
Angela Reid
Liz Rink
Holly Rodes Smithy
Lawrence Schechter
Mike Schindler
John Smoot
Tricia Snell
Cassondra Spring
Kathryn Stafford
Babs Stevens
Sam Stubblefield
Barbara Stucki
Amanda Stuermer
Diana Tomseth
Kaari Vaughn
Brandon Walsh
Jody Ward
Sara Wiener
Fran Willis
Julie Winter
Linda Yaple
Katy Yoder


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Our 2019 Sponsors

Hats off to the businesses and organizations that sponsor Scalehouse programming! We are deeply grateful for their support.

1859 (Statehood)
At Liberty
BBT Architects
Bend Chamber of Commerce
Bend Furniture and Design
Bend Magazine
Brooks Resources

Cascade Business News
City of Bend
The Fixture Gallery
Ghost Village Films
Hand in Hand Productions
JL Ward/ Old Back 9
Kwik Lok
My Lucky House
News Channel 21
Old Mill District
The Oxford Hotel

Pic Monkey
The Roundhouse Foundation
The Source
The Starview Foundation
Terris Draheim
Tin Pan Theatre
Wild Alchemy

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